Antonia Dunjko, soprano
When I applied for the first time, I was expecting a regular masterclass. BBA overcame all of my expectations. I've learned a lot about early music, had an opportunity to sing accompanied by historical instruments and be part of a lovely group of people who are now my friends.

Marijana Mijanovic is wonderful, kind teacher, very inspiring and full of patience. I would warmly recommend these lessons to all singers who are interested in getting more into the style of early music. Predrag Gosta is 'Spiritus movens' of BBA and a very passionate musician. After a few courses, I had the honor to take part in real production that opened me new opportunities.
Radoslava Vorgic, soprano
Marijana Mijanovic & Predrag Gosta are an excellent team! I am always looking forward to the next Belgrade Baroque Academy. Each time I discover something new in my singing with Marijana together. They both are great baroque specialists and what I love about them is that they are so natural, with both feet on the ground. It is a very good opportunity and I would recommend BBA to every young singer. The best is that you can learn not only about baroque music but how to discover your natural voice and talents. In the end, it´s all about dance, but singing dance and flexibility in every way. Thank you Marijana & Predrag for being part of my life.
Aleksandra Stankovic, soprano
It was very rewarding working with Marijana Mijanovic and Christian Hilz, I explored a lot of baroque music as well as the finesses of the colors of pronunciation! Thank You BBA for this opportunity and thank you for scholarship that allowed me to continue my studies and career!
Magdalena Todorovska, soprano
Thank You, BBA! I’m really grateful that I came to BBA and that I worked and learned from people who have great knowledge to give and who are devoted to Baroque music and love what they do. Thank you, Marijana and Predrag, for making me see my mistakes and helping me overcome them. BBA has opened new points of view for me artistically and helped me grow as a singer. I also learned a lot form all of the participants of BBA. I really had a wonderful time working and learning with Marijana, Predrag, Dusan and all the participants of the XII Belgrade Baroque Academy. I highly recommend this Academy to anyone who is looking to learn new things and who is looking to grow as an artist.
Anete Liepina, soprano
Belgrade Baroque Academy was for me a wonderful experience! I learned so much in such a short time! The atmosphere there was very friendly and open, I learned a lot not just from amazing teachers Marijana Mijanovic and Predrag Gosta but also from other colleges! I am so grateful that I could be a part of the BBA!
Zorica Pavlovic, soprano
Belgrade Baroque Academy is a fantastic learning and nurturing environment for young singers and has helped me a lot to grow as an artist. Working with incredible faculty, getting to meet musicians from all over the world and performing in beautiful Belgrade has all been a part of an invaluable experience and I would highly recommend this program to anyone.
Zorica Caric, soprano
Marijana Mijanovic and Predrag Gosta have created such an inspiring and joyful environment where I could explore, experiment and search true technical and artistic freedom in my voice.

Thanks to M. Mijanovic's masterful guidance I have learned so much about my own voice and who I am as an artist.
Marijana Davinic, soprano
Belgrade Baroque Academy provides a unique experience to which I am happy to return every year. I consider Marijana Mijanovic a wizard, and I am grateful to her for everything I learned.
Sreten Manojlovic, bass-baritone
My first experiences with early music and historically informed practice came through taking part in mastercourses organized by the Belgrade Baroque Academy, led by Marijana Mijanovic and Predrag Gosta. The very first masterclass I attended was a fully staged performance of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas in which I was singing in the choir, while also being entrusted with the miniature role of the sailor. Ever since, I have felt a strong affinity towards what I then simply referred to as 'baroque'. Later in the same year I left Belgrade to begin my voice studies in Vienna with Sebastian Vittucci, to whom I am greatly indebted not only as a student but for everything he has done to help me establish myself here. I kept returning regularly to Belgrade, however, to take part in something I had no access to in Vienna as a young singer at the start of his vocal development: a dedicated programme for singers with an interest in pre-romanticist stage and chamber music. The Belgrade Baroque Academy offered invaluable musical insight, in an atmosphere suited both for young professionals as well as singers at the very onset of their education. The main prerequisite and common ground for everyone involved was always a will to learn. On another level, I cherish having been able to work with Marijana and Predrag for their strengthening with each passing mastercourse of my fondness for 17th and 18th century music and for ultimately having a deciding role in the formation of my musical identity. While I am absolutely in love with certain works of later periods and enjoy working on and performing lieder with my pianist, there are only but a few select pieces of music that speak to me as directly as the music of Händel, Schütz, Lully, Mozart or Bach - to name but a few examples emblematic of an era in music history as a whole.
Aleksandar Timotic, countertenor
BBA is one of the best things that happened in my professional life. Marijana and Predrag have opened my eyes, helped me to develop and put me on the right way. I’m so thankful for their commitment and hard work. They continuing to be involved in our professional lives even after the Academy is most important. I look forward to every next BBA. I truly recommend the BBA to everyone who loves baroque music and who wants to develop as an artist.
Djurdjica Babic, soprano
BBA was the most inspirational thing that has ever happened to me. Predrag Gosta and Marijana Mijanovic are great role models and professionals that I look up to.
Simonida Dragovic, soprano and conductor
It was very useful and great experience being a part of the BBA. Marijana Mijanovic, Predrag Gosta and Morten K. Roensen as teachers gave me a completely new perspective in analyzing and preparing vocal score as well as in feeling confident being on stage acting and expressing different feelings in my vocal interpretations.
Mihailo Šljivic, bass
It was really a true honor and privilege to work with such great artists such as Maestro Predrag Gosta and Marijana Mijanovic. Beyond everything good that Your academy brings, maybe the most significant thing is that You give exceptional opportunities to learn! Through thrilling time during the masterclasses, as an observer or especially as a contestant of the course... So keep up with splendid inspirational work!
Mia Malezija, soprano
Belgrade Baroque Academy was well organized and was focused on the very high level of demanding work on musical pieces and stage presence.

My expectations were absolutely fulfilled and I would be happy to take part in it again.
Ana Torbica, soprano and baroque viola
An amazing experience for any young musician, especially for those who are serious about his/her future career. What I learned I will never forget, and it allowed me to become more serious about my life and my future.
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